Smart Data Auto-Capture of your Sales activities from Outlook/ Gmail to Salesforce with no manual input

Automatic or rule-based

2 way or 1 way

Сloud or On-prem

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  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Tasks
  • Attachments

Effortless hands-free auto-capture of every Sales interaction

Automatically capture everything you need from Outlook or Gmail to Salesforce. No manual data entering. No switching between workspaces. No duplicates, contact gaps, missing info or conflicting events. Every interaction promptly logged and driving your sales forward.


free time per week


better forecasting


more CRM data

Powering the fastest growing companies around the globe

What data can SmartCloud auto-capture?

Every interaction, file, task, contact. Smart data auto-capture will automatically match everything to the proper record in Salesforce, keeping it organized and up-to-date.






What makes Smart Data Auto-Capture so unique?

Unmatched Configuration options

Besides a ton of pre-built settings, Smart Data Auto-Capture lets you utilize Salesforce views APEX rules for the most refined workflows.


Store you data against unlimited number of Salesforce records.

Auto creation of Salesforce records

Smart Data Auto-Capture can also auto-create leads, contacts, accounts etc when they are not present in the CRM and auto-save items to them immediately.

Full Custom object support

For auto-capturing purposes and for auto creation.

Historical Sync

Smart Data Auto-Capture lets you synchronize your entire inbox in bulk

Instantly trigger sales workflows

Set up activity auto-log rules, triggering your unique Salesforce processes.

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Very flexible product - amazing support

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Great tool for tracking almost all Salesforce in Outlook

Smart Data Auto-Capture only transports and visualizes the data. We don’t store any of your data regardless how sensitive it might be.

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